Hayley V. McMahon, MSPH, CPH

Media Coverage

NPR, 2022

Sandhya Dirks: “Pregnancy Outcomes May Be Increasingly Scrutinized by Law Enforcement” (live interview)

Good Morning America, 2022

Katie Kindelan: “Roe v. Wade Leaked Draft Causes Spike in Donations to Abortion Funds”

American Public Health Association, 2022

“Reproductive Rights and Justice: Where Do We Go from Here?” (live panel)


 “The New Fight for Reproductive Freedom” (live panel)

Oprah Daily, 2022

Dani McClain: “The Road Ahead: Abortion Rights Activists Respond to the Fall of Roe v. Wade”

MIT Technology review, 2021

Tanya Basu: “Activists are Helping Texans Get Access to Abortion Pills Online”

wIRED, 2022

Lily Hay Newman: “How to Protect Your Digital Privacy If Roe v. Wade Falls”

Washingtonian, 2022

Sylvie McNamara: “Anti-Abortion Clinic Protests Are Getting Bigger and More Aggressive”

Jezebel, 2022

Susan Rinkunas: “Twitter Flagged a Tweet about Abortion Pills as Promoting Self Harm”

prism, 2022

Alexandra Martinez: “6 Months Since Roe v. Wade Was Overturned, Fighting for Abortion Rights Is a Multifaceted Battle”

Truthout, 2022

Kelly Hayes: “Learning to Self-Manage Abortions is Key in a Post-Roe Society”

WBEZ CHicago, 2022

Lynnea Domienik, Sarah Stark, & Stephanie Kim: “How Effective Are Emergency Contraception Pills for People Who Weigh over 155 Pounds?” (audio interview)

The real news, 2022

Molly Shah: “Democrats Have No Plan to Stop the Overturning of Roe v. Wade”


“Alarm Bells as US Abortion Ruling Fuels Rush on Morning After Pill”

Mountain state spotlight, 2022

Ian Karbal & Quenton King: “What a Roe v. Wade Reversal Could Mean for West Virginians’ Abortion Access”

Teen Vogue, 2019

Reina Sultan: “The Supreme Court Is Considering an Abortion Case That Will Most Impact Marginalized People”

The Daily Dot, 2021

Claire Goforth: “As Texas’ Abortion Ban Goes into Effect, Instagram and Facebook Block Hashtags for Abortion Pills”

pRISM, 2020

Tina Vasquez: “The Strictest Abortion Ban in the Nation Targets Communities of Color”

VICE, 2019

Caroline Reilly: “Wanting More from Birth Control in the Age of Trump”

Bustle, 2018

Sarah Friedmann: “How Trump’s Global Gag Rule Is Devastating More Than Abortion Rights One Year Later”

prism, 2022

Reina Sultan “How to Organize Safely in a Post-Roe World”

Common dreams, 2019

Julia Conley: “Two Years In, Trump’s Global Gag Rule Responsible for Immeasurable Suffering and Death Around the World”